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Protect your teams against Staph with VANGUARD & ALLY from U.N.X.

Recent emergence of Staph caused a critical need for the laundry industry to provide bacteriostatic and self-sanitizing protection to athletic uniforms. The U.N.X. focus on infection control is VANGUARD! When used as recommended, VANGUARD provides the protection managers need

VANGUARD is a liquid quaternary bacteriostat for control against Staph and other bacteriostatic pathogens.

ALLY is a quaternary sanitizer, disinfectant, deodorizer, virucide and mildewstat to control hazards of cross contamination. This free rinser can be used on athletic equipment, helmets, pads, etc. Effective on many pathogens.

U.N.X. Athletics

U.N.X. Athletics


A Wonderful Detergent

SPEC-TAK is a true millennium detergent.

Its trademark of unique chemical balance allows for accelerated and maximum destaining.

SPEC-TAK achieves the whitest whites and stain-free quality. Removes grass (even rye) and clay stains!

The special enzyme and oxygen bleach combination is derived from the latest U.N.X. technology.

SPEC-TAK is the most advanced dry mild detergent anywhere! Actually extends uniform life.

U.N.X. Athletics

For specific usage instructions, please contact our Director of Athletic Sales. After a comprehensive survey of your facility, a customized procedure will be developed.

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