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Washing Instructions

U.N.X. Athletics
Before Laundering

CAUTION! Upon receipt of new uniforms, launder a single new uniform to check for colorfastness. Then wash new uniforms using a small amount of detergent in warm water at high level in warm water. Rinse 2-3 minutes at a time until the water in the washer is clear. During this process, load the machine to no more than 75% capacity.

Launder garments as soon as possible after activity. When garments cannot be laundered immediately, rinse them out and place them on plastic or coated hangers; perspiration can cause color migration.

Carefully ensure damp garments are not left in a pile or stored in travel bags. Color transfer may occur.

Washing Garments

If garments are heavily soiled, soaking in warm water with a high quality detergent for a minimum of 45 minutes is recommended.

Washing contrasting colors together could result in dye transfer. Therefore, remove belts and colored strings prior to laundering.

Never wash colored and white garments together.

Overloading washer decreases cleaning action.

For best soil removal, a high quality detergent is necessary.

Under no circumstances should chlorine bleach be used due to possible color loss. Only use a minimal amount of fabric softener.

U.N.X. Athletics

If hanging dry is not possible, tumble dry on air setting. Excessive heat can cause garment shrinkage, discoloration, and degradation of lettering.

Consideration should be given to using a disinfectant to help prevent spread of infections.

For specific usage instructions, please contact our Director of Athletic Sales. After a comprehensive survey of your facility, a customized procedure will be developed.

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