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Dear U.N.X Customers:
Environmental Harmony

For 50 years, U.N.X. has been involved in the development of products that not only solve quality problems that exist at the moment, but also provide long term benefits to the customer and the environment in which we live. In every U.N.X. product innovation, we require the product to provide more than just clean linens and uniforms. Each product must be formulated to include the latest developments in Customer Safety and Environmental Impact technology. Without the inclusion of all of these developments U.N.X. does not believe the product is the BEST it can be.

As the years have progressed, U.N.X. has researched, studied, developed, and redeveloped products to make sure they are not only conformed to the quality demands of you, THE CUSTOMER, but we also made sure that our products continued to provide the latest in physical and environmental safety technologies. We have refused to use products that we considered harmful to our customers and the environment even though they were the accepted technology of the time (i.e. phenolics in bacteriostatic softeners). All U.N.X. products (new and current) are continually re-evaluated to make sure they are the best they can be chemically, safety-wise and environmentally.

Environmental Harmony

As we learn more about our products and their relationships to the complex environment in which we live, we will do more to make sure that we continue to maintain our long held tradition of providing our customers with the best products on the market. At U.N.X., product development is a forward-looking and customer-related process.

U.N.X. prides itself on being an industry leader and responsible community citizen, and this letter is intended to let you and your employees know where U.N.X. stands on providing the BEST products for our customers. We're proud of our initiatives in the areas of product safety and minimizing environmental impact of our products, because it is a record of action, leadership and continuing commitment to do what's right to make our industry and this world a better, healthier place for all of us.


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