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We make Dispensing, Mixing and Dilution Systems for our Customers.

For technical assistance or information concerning any U.N.X. Dispensing, Mixing or Dilution System you can contact the U.N.X. Equipment Department via E-Mail by "clicking' on Equipment Department or in writing at our main mailing address.

Laundry Dispensing & Mixing Systems

For more information on each system, please click on the appropriate name.

  • The ACCUTRON Liquid Laundry System: This system is a four liquid product system that ensures correct chemical balance by allowing variation in the combination of alkali builder and neutral detergent concentrate. Superior over other systems, different formulas can be programmed to meet the needs of various conditions. Used with our ACCUTRON liquid product line.
  • The CYCLOTRON Liquid Dispensing System: This automated Laundry Chemical Liquid Feed System. Designed for hands free and hassle free use. This system can be used on all major commercial & institutional brand washers from the 35 pound to 250 pound capacities and used with all our U.N.X. liquid laundry products.
  • The UNITRON Liquid Bellows Dispensing System:This is an automated bellows action liquid dispensing system. Self-contained state of the art laundry chemical dispensing system. With the addition of the "Multitron Microprocessor Package" the UNITRON leads the way into the 21st. Century, designed for use with all U.N.X. Liquid Laundry Products. This system can be used with 75 pound to 900 pound capacity washers.
  • The DIRECTOR Family, Dry to Liquid Systems:U.N.X. knows there are products in today's marketplace that do not provide the most efficient use economy when purchased in a liquid form. The DIRECTOR Systems allow for the purchasing of concentrated powder products that can be liquefied and delivered to commercial washers in a controlled and cost effective environment. This system has been designed exclusively for all U.N.X. "DIRECTOR Line Products" and can also be incorporated into dispensing systems for 100 pound to 1200 pound capacity washers.
  • The OMEGATRON Injection System: With Low Temperature POWER MISER from U.N.X., health care laundries also benefit by increased production. More loads are processed than ever.
  • Custom Specialty Dispensing Systems: For customers with special needs U.N.X. can design a complete Chemical Dispensing System to meet your specific requirements.
Please Note:

All U.N.X. Laundry Dispensing Systems are designed to integrate with all "Cut Chart Washer Controls, Fixed Timer Washer Controls and Microprocessor Washer Controls." U.N.X. Laundry Dispensing Systems are provided as a loan to U.N.X. product users at no additional cost to our customers.

Warewashing Dispensing Systems
  • The GENERAL: Takes command of your dishwasher's chemical demands. The General will control cost, provide quality and aid convenience. No more messy two pound bags, no more waste because of undissolved bricks, blocks or solid cubes. Just drop the eight pound unit into The General and let it take over to use every Ounce of powdered product in the most economical and efficient manner.
  • The RANGER: Is an innovative manual dishwashing chemical dispensing system designed to provide maximum cost efficiency and quality control at the push of a button. Just push a button and the Ranger The system will automatically dispense the appropriate product amount and contains no electrical components.
  • SESAME!: A performance pot and pant detergent, SESAME! is a highly concentrated solid. It is uniquely designed for use with the U.N.X. RANGER System in high production operations.
Housekeeping & Cleaning Product Dispensers & Dilution Stations

The HORIZON Series is a concept that has been designed by U.N.X. to provide our customers with the ultimate control in chemical usage. In today's competitive market, the need for cost control is paramount to the survival of all businesses. The HORIZON Series is designed to assist in this endeavor.

  • HORIZON 810: Is an automated system that dispenses the appropriate amount of ready-to-use product with the push of a button. Designed primarily for medium size operations (60 to 150 rooms) where space is a major concern. A traditional wall mount unit with stainless steel cabinet it dispenses directly to spray bottles or mop buckets. Units can hold from 1 to 5 proportions. Standard unit is four 1 gallons per minute (gpm) proportions. Drip tray available upon request.
  • HORIZON 815: The ultimate in simplicity this totally enclosed locking cabinet keeps concentrate where it belongs and assures that it can not be overused by manual pouring. The U.N.X. Hydrolock assures system can only be used by authorized personnel. Convenient 1 gallon concentrate containers are easily changed, yet provide excellent economy. Super flexibility allows for four direct fill products for spray bottles, plus one mop bucket fill. The HORIZON 815 can handle any size operation.
  • HORIZON 840: Cart mounted bulk cleaning system with foaming attachment, completely portable unit that is designed for mass cleaning operations. It can dispense two chemicals plus a clean water rinse. Two-way valve allows for use of two products separately or simultaneously. Both valves can be shut off for rinse. Standard unit holds one 5 gallon cleaner and 1 one gallon sanitizer.
  • HORIZON 845: A hose end sprayer with foaming attachment for bulk cleaning by proportioning one product using metering tips while holding 48oz. of concentrate. 845-S is a non-foaming sanitizer dispenser.
  • HORIZON 850: The ultimate in simplicity, this space efficient dispenser takes up less space than an 8x10 picture, yet can dispense four products with unparalleled accuracy. To dispense a product, simply turn the dial to the desired product and push the button. High precision fittings assure no carryover of one product to another. Perfect for any size operation, you can reclaim wasted floor space with the totally wall mounted system HORIZON 855 which incorporates a locking cabinet for one gallon containers.

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