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U.N.X. INCORPORATED Fundamentals

How the Company Operates

U.N.X. INCORPORATED aims to provide the freedom necessary for each person to perform to the full extent of his or her abilities.

The Company considers all employees as true partners in the business.

U.N.X. makes a constant effort to prevent the encroachment of bureaucracy and red tape.

The Company′s objective is to provide unlimited horizons to all with respect to earnings, accomplishments, and self-satisfaction.

Pressure to perform must come, not from the Company, but from within the individual.

Each responsibility is given broad latitude of interpretation.

Each person is encouraged to set goals and timetables.

U.N.X.′s fairness doctrine means fairness to the individual, the Company, and the customers.

Each person is encouraged to be a self-starter and self-sustainer.

The effort and energy of each person must center on the need to sell.

We take work seriously, but not ourselves.

U.N.X′s goal is to unshackle the energy of each individual so that objectives can be better pursued, achieved and exceeded.

Professionalism in all phases is the long-term goal.

Selling and satisfying the customer is the reason the company exists.

U.N.X. represents stability, independence and security.

The Company′s commitment is to provide the highest quality products and services.

U.N.X. encourages and welcomes innovation in all phases of the business.

U.N.X. intends to remain technologically competitive.

The Company upholds and respects the dignity of each individual.

Creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness are encouraged.

U.N.X. wants to be distinguished by a strong sense of integrity.

Arrogant ego is outlawed.

The Company strives to maintain balance between authority and responsibility.

U.N.X. is dedicated to achieving and maintaining a pleasant work environment.

U.N.X. encourages every person to establish work challenges for the betterment of the Company.

U.N.X. INCORPORATED is steadfastly committed to operate throughout the true team cooperation.

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