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Your Laundry, Warewashing
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A Mechanical Dishwashing System Designed For...

Cost Control, Quality, Convenience and Versatility

The General

THE GENERAL will control cost, provide quality and aid convenience. Except it's not dispensing products "just like powders," It's Dispensing Powders! No more messy two pound bags, no more waste because of undissolved bricks or blocks. Just drop the eight pound unit into THE GENERAL and let it take over to use every Ounce of powdered product in the most economical and efficient manner.

The GENERAL Takes Command by providing the versatility and economy of high performance powders with the technology of today's solid state systems. Technology and simplicity are combined to give you, The Food Service Manager, a total savings package.

Chemical Cost - Complete control on the amount of chemical used in the washing process. Once the General's microprocessor has been set for the appropriate usage, The General will maintain total usage control.

Labor - Utilize your workforce in a more efficient manner. Once charged, The General will monitor all functions and alert you (via alarm) if a new charge is needed or if there is some other system malfunction. Minimal training required to learn the operation procedures for The General.

Quality - High performance products such as 5 STAR and TRIPLE A can now be made available to the industry. 5 STAR and TRIPLE A are designed to be the Best-they are performance products designed to give results!

The High Performance General System specializes in economy, versatility, and quality of powered products in a Hands-Off Convenience System. This back to the basics system is a total control concept that revolutionizes the future of automated dishwasher chemical systems. The GENERAL is a system well worth your time to investigate.

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