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Your Laundry, Warewashing
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Enzyme Laundry Products

Dry Laundry (mild detergents):

  • Breakthrough: This product is a super laundry detergent combining best in enzyme and oxygen technology. True detergent milestone! Breakthrough has optimum phosphate sequestering and a rare surfactant blend. Outstanding whiteness and stain removal. Breakthrough is ideal for shirt, hotel and motel laundries.
  • Spec-Tak: A wonder detergent, Spec-Tak, is the very latest development in enzyme technology. With super detergency and super sequestering Spec-Tak provides amazing brightness and whiteness that is unparalleled and unmatched.

Liquid Laundry:

  • Bio-Power: This product is a cost effective enzyme laundry detergent. Bio-Power is designed to meet the needs of hotels, motels, shirt laundries, and nursing homes.
  • Liquid Linase NP: This product is a remarkable tri-enzyme product with unique enzyme action and powerful detergency. Super soil and stain remover. Important benefits: water, energy, and time savings. (USDA)

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