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Your Laundry, Warewashing
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Laundry Sours

Dry Laundry:

  • Protect: As a powdered buffered Sour, Protect is a new concept in liquid laundry sours. Its custom buffered formula neutralizes any residual alkalinity in the last rinse and at the same time prevents pH spikes that may contribute to the reacidulation of some fiber reactive dyes used on designer shirts. Protect is especially effective in minimizing occurrences of "Disappearing Stripes" in shirt laundry operations. Protect provides a buffered pH of 6.5 pH that has been determined to minimize the reacidulation of fiber reactive dyes.
  • Sour-Bright: This product is a special buffered shirt sour for hard water conditions. Use in high bicarbonate water conditions in place of PROTECT.

Liquid Laundry (Neutralizers):

  • Flo-New Special: This product is a superior rust remover for difficult rust problems and will add a tremendous benefit of strong unique rust protection.
  • Qualitex: This product is a specially buffered sour softener with a superb balance of softening and souring action. Works well in soft and hard water. We highly recommend Qualitex for hotel and motel operations.
  • Soft-Brite: This product has a successful sour and softener combination which eliminates need for separate products. Soft-Brite provides souring and softening action that is fast and complete at low concentrations and temperatures. One less dispenser pump needs to be used. (USDA)
  • Stabilize: This product is specifically designed for shirts. Stabilize is highly buffered to protect reactive dyes on stripes in designer imported shirts. Use minimizes shirt damage claims.

U.N.X. maintains a complete line of Sour Products. Sours are available in both powder compounds and liquid solutions. U.N.X. products results on a wide variety of linen and soil conditions. Selected U.N.X. products can be used in either the U.N.X. Director Systems or one of our U.N.X. Liquid Dispensing Systems, the Unitron or Cyclotron Dispensers. Please consult your local U.N.X. Inc. Technical Representative for recommendations for your specific needs, are designed to produce quality

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