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Your Laundry, Warewashing
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Specialty Laundry Products

Dry Specialties:

  • Kelo: This product is a phosphate concentrate for water conditioning and detergency boosting which improves performance of all laundry detergents.
  • Kromex: Brightener and antichlor blend with a high concentration of fluorescent brighteners and comes with ample antichlor to insure neutralization of chlorine carryover. A true fabric protective agent, it should be use in every operation which includes chlorine.

Liquid Specialties:

  • Energize: This product is exceptionally high in phosphates, providing a proper pH environment for enzyme action. Energize is effective as water conditioner and can be considered phosphate concentrate.
  • Flo-Gain: As a brightener antichlor combination, Flo-Gain, quickly and completely neutralizes chlorine carryover. High brightener concentration enhances whiteness and brightness.
  • Flo-Glo: This [product is a powerful and safe chlorine destainer that is fast acting. Quick turnover assures freshness and stability which can be used wherever chlorine bleaching desired. Even, effective at low bleaching temperatures! (USDA)
  • Flo-Sheen: This product is a high strength oxygen bleach which eliminates stubborn stains without harmful effect on fabric. Result: Exceptional stain-free whiteness.
  • Mr. Helper: This product is a phosphate booster and water conditioner which softens water, improves detergency and accelerates rinsing.
  • Refresh: A concentrated fabric freshener and deodorizer. Quickly kills odors in heavily soiled loads.
  • U.N.X. Anti-Stat: This product neutralizes static for easy folding and sorting.
  • Vanguard: This product is a quaternary bacteriostat.

U.N.X. maintains a complete line of Specialty Products. Most Specialty Products are available in both powder compounds and liquid solutions. U.N.X. products are designed to produce quality results on a wide variety of linen and soil conditions. Selected U.N.X. products can be used in either the U.N.X. Director Systems or one of our U.N.X. Liquid Dispensing Systems, the Unitron or Cyclotron Dispensers. Please consult your local U.N.X. Inc. Technical Representative for recommendations for your specific needs.

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