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Warewashing Pot & Pan Detergents - Degreasers

U.N.X. maintains a complete line of Warewashing and Sanitizing Products that are designed for use on all major brands of dish machines. From single rack units to full line automated conveyor systems.

  • 5 STAR: This is a heavy duty mechanical dishwashing detergent. A performance product designed for use in "The GENERAL", 5 STAR takes command of the toughest oil, grease, soil and stains. A performance formulation of alkaline agents, surfactants, chelating agents and dispersing agents provides 5 STAR with superior soil removing and suspending capabilities. 5 STAR's powerful sequestering action results in superior performance in all water conditions. 5 STAR is not recommended for use on aluminum or other soft metals.
  • KNACK: This product is a pre-soak and silver detarnisher. KNACK capsule is the latest development in warewashing pre-soak technology. A special combination of buffered alkalis and chelating agents will safely soften and remove the toughest dried on food soils. KNACK is safe to use on all commercially available institutional flatware. Use in high production kitchen operations where rapid turn around of flatware is essential. Use KNACK where "Ultimate Quality" is expected.
  • ORACLE: A performance pot and pan detergent, ORACLE is a highly concentrated powder packaged and designed for use in a capsule system. It is uniquely designed for use with the U.N.X. "RANGER System" in high production operations. The unique blend of heavy duty surfactants, chelating and dispersing agents allows ORACLE to maintain superior performance with soil, grease, and oil removal and suspension throughout the washing and rinsing process. It is a completely neutral product that can be used on everything from china to aluminum, but will not harm hands and skin. ORACLE is a powerful product used in "The RANGER" to provide the best quality, economy and production in your pot and pan cleaning operation.
  • O-TWO: This product is a heavy-duty oxygen presoak. O-TWO uses the power of oxygen destaining agents, complex chelating agents and penetrating surfactants to remove tough stains and baked-on foods. O-TWO is an excellent soil and tarnish remover for coffee cups, tea glasses and silverware, even in the hardest of water conditions. It can be used with plastic, stainless and ceramic tableware.
  • TRIPLE A: A powerful detergent created for use in "The GENERAL," TRIPLE A is merciless on tough oils, greases, soils and baked-on stains, yet gentle on aluminum and other soft metal products. TRIPLE A's performance formulation of buffering agents, surfactants, chelating agents and dispersing action allows superior soil removing capabilities. TRIPLE A's powerful sequestering action results in superior performance in all water conditions.


  • ACHIEVE: This product is a general purpose degreaser. Powerful detergency bolstered by concentrated organic solvent. Good for kitchen grease on counters, tabletops, hoods and floors.

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