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Your Laundry, Warewashing
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Warewashing Disinfectants & Sanitizing Presoaks

  • ALLY: Quaternary sanitizer for third sink and for food contact surfaces. ALLY is also a high strength deodorizer which is free of rinsing. ALLY is effective against E-Coli and Staph Aureus. For countertops, walls, equipment, and floors.
  • BONUS: This is a low temperature dish machine chlorine sanitizer. BONUS provides necessary active chlorine to adequately sanitize dishes, glasses, and utensils in low temperature dishwashing operations.
  • KNACK: This is a high quality presoak. KNACK is a granular silver detarnishing product useful for loosening difficult food deposits and stains. KNACK is formulated to be completely soluble, even in cold water. KNACK produces no excessive sudsing. Special surfactants rapidly penetrate and loosen food deposits. After presoaking, loosened residues are quickly removed with a single pass through the dish machine. Fortified sequestering and chelating agents guarantee its presoaking effectiveness, even in hard water.
  • LIQUID KNACK: This product is a fast acting presoak with quick penetration for removal of soil particles.

U.N.X. INCORPORATED maintains a complete line of warewashing and sanitizing products. Please contact your local U.N.X. INCORPORATED Territory Manager.

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