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Your Laundry, Warewashing
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  • ACHIEVE: This product is a general purpose degreaser with powerful detergency bolstered by concentrated organic solvent. Good for kitchen grease on counters, tabletops, hoods and floors.
  • DURO-SHINE: This is a combination stainless steel cleaner and polish that is a quick film and dirt remover. DURO-SHINE leaves protective lustrous finish and is effective on all stainless steel surfaces.
  • MASTER: Oven and grill Cleaner. A strong cleaner and degreaser built upon solvents, alkali, and surfactants. MASTER produces a sparkling clean surface when used on grills, ovens, hoods, and kitchen floors.
  • NEW BREAK-FREE: Oven and grill cleaner. Fast penetrating action. Attacks the toughest deposits while providing fast penetrating action.
  • SURE-BREAK: An alkaline based detergent acting as a quick acting oven and grill cleaner. With fast penetration, and copious small suds you get quick dispersal of oven and grill deposits.
  • STRIKE: This is a heavy duty floor cleaner with strong detergency for tough kitchen grease and dirt.
  • TRAP-FREE: This is a bacteria enzyme complex used for maintaining drain lines and grease traps. Automatically dispensed products pays for themselves and assures full time control through reduced grease trap maintenance.
  • U.N.X. FREEZER CLEANER: This is a specialty detergent for cold storage rooms that is effective at unusually low temperatures. U.N.X. FREEEZER CLEANER can be used manually or in automatic scrubbers.

U.N.X. INCORPORATED maintains a complete line of warewashing and sanitizing products. Please contact your local U.N.X. INCORPORATED Territory Manager.

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