If you are staying at a HyClean Certified Facility, you can have confidence that an extraordinary amount of care is being placed on your safety. The HyClean Certification is given to those properties who are using EPA registered laundry sanitizing products that offer residual self-sanitizing properties and EPA registered hard-surface disinfectants. Routine audits from a highly trained UNX service representatives are being made to ensure that proper operating procedures are being executed to ensure your health is protected.

Rest Assured…

The standard wash process* is effective in killing the coronavirus and ensuring your linen comes out hygienically clean. This is good news. Unfortunately, however, the linen still has to be handled numerous times as it makes its way back into circulation. A HyClean Certified Facility utilizes products which provide an additional level of protection by lending residual self-sanitizing properties. These properties ensure that your linen remains hygienically clean once it leaves the laundry and makes its way back to your bed, bathroom, or table.

*i.e. appropriate combinations of chemicals, pH, water, temperature, water transfers, and mechanical action